Upgrade Readiness has been re-enabled on Windows 7 EU devices

We have a strong commitment to providing the tools and resources that put our customers in control of their privacy. To that end, on May 14th we chose to temporarily reduce the Windows diagnostic data collected on Windows 7 and 8.1 devices in European countries (EEA and Switzerland).

Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness customers may have noticed data from affected devices not being updated. Note: This change had no impact on Windows 10 devices or on devices outside of a European country.

After further evaluation we have now re-enabled a limited subset of the diagnostic data for Windows 7 devices, sufficient to use Upgrade Readiness. In order to resume diagnostic data collection, you must run the latest upgrade readiness deployment script on your Windows 7 devices.

Note: Data from Windows 8.1 devices still remains unavailable in European Countries, as does data from Windows 7 devices needed for the Upgrade Readiness app usage and IE site discovery features.