I am Robin Caron.  I have worked for 8 years as an escalation engineer for Microsoft supporting directory services technologies for the Windows platform.

I am starting this blog as a way to distribute information about UPHClean and to offer some ramblings about Windows user profiles. 

UPHClean is a tool that I wrote about 5 years ago to help resolve the problem of user profile hive not unloading.  When user profile hives do not unload you get a variety of problems including slow logoff (on Windows 2000), no reconciliation of roaming profiles, possible kernel memory exhaustion and a variety of error events logged in the application log.  UPHClean helps this scenario.  You can get UPHClean from here.

UPHClean was successful beyond my wildest dream (over 3 million downloads in less than 3 years).  I worked with the profile team to get its functionality integrated into the operating system.  This is now available in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 in the User Profile service.

I plan on telling you more about how profiles work and how UPHClean attempts to help with problems that occur with them. I'll also discuss problem scenarios future versions of UPHClean will attempt to help with.

Do not hesitate to give your feedback about what types of information about profiles/UPHClean you would like to see.  You can either leave a comment here or send email to uphclean@microsoft.com.