Unified Service Desk Best Practices (Part 4) – Disable Auto-recovery for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer employs several features to ensure its stability. As part of this, when an Internet Explorer window crashes, becomes unresponsive due to long running scripts on websites, bugs in the website, or other issues, Internet Explorer tries to recover this window automatically. Unified Service Desk hosts Internet Explorer process when hosted using “IE Process” type. This enables Unified Service Desk to launch and control the Internet Explorer windows to provide the immersive experience.

When Internet Explorer recovers a window after a crash or a hang, it creates another IE instance that is different from the one created by Unified Service Desk. This new instance is not available to Unified Service Desk to control. As a result, Unified Service Desk can’t manage and/or interact with this new instance, which leads to inconsistent behavior. Unified Service Desk, hence, does not support the automatic crash recovery of Internet Explorer.

For example, most of the action calls on browser application such as Navigate, RunScript, etc. can’t be executed on the recovered instance. Window navigation rules won’t be evaluated for navigations occurring on page hosted on the recovered instance. In such cases Unified Service Desk users can see IE tabs popping out of Unified Service Desk.


In Internet Explorer 11, it can be disabled by unchecking the Enable automatic crash recovery option (appears under Internet Options -> Advanced -> Browsing).

Internet Options

You can also do it using the following registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery]


Set value to 00000002 to disable it; you can set it back to 00000000 to enable it.

Once the auto recovery is disabled, the Unified Service Desk and all Internet Explorer windows need to be restarted for the values to be effective. Unified Service Desk can still encounter non-responsive web pages or encounter fatal errors in IE. In that case, Unified Service Desk monitoring process will take care of cleaning up the hung or crashed IE process tab and unblock the Unified Service Desk user. The time after which the monitoring process cleans up an unresponsive tab can be controlled using “ProcessTerminationThreshold” option for IE process; see Manage a Unified Service Desk option.