Bring YourSELF to Work

Yes, it's true: tomorrow is Bring YourSELF to Work Day 2006. In case you're feeling confused because you bring yourself to work most days anyway, take note of that clever capitalisation of the letters S, E, L and F. As the campaign leader says:

Nothing should be simpler than being yourself at work and yet for many of our colleagues this represents a major challenge. Some would find it altogether too confronting; worried about their personal demons, what others might think, that they may be judged, etc. It's true that people can be judgemental, but none of us should allow ourselves to be held back by that.

You owe it to yourself and those you care about to become more fully self expressed in all the areas of your life; and your example can encourage them to be the same.

Perhaps they should call the campaign "Be Yourself At Work" to save on all those expensive capital letters.

Nonetheless, their campaign cause is very worthwhile. Nothing destroys creativity and the feeling of self-worth more than not being true to your real personality. So remember tomorrow: have a go at chilling at work, show your true colours and be a bit human for once. You might find people like the real you more than the guy who normally turns up for work.

Check out their website at, especially the Ideas Page if you need some inspiration. Not sure about number 16...