Crabby on the Rampage

My Outlook 2007 RSS Feed brings me news today that the Crabby Office Lady is on her soapbox again with some more email etiquette techniques. And quite right too. As my regular reader knows, I too am a big fan of being nice to people, whether that's face to face or while racing around the information superhighway. Crabby's Crab #14 is a contentious one. Some productivity gurus would have us believe that email is a rapid-fire communication tool and to read every detail would be inefficient. Those with either morals or a conscience will know that such advice is pure baloney. Not reading emails carefully before responding is plain rude and, arguably, one of the biggest contributors to email overload.

Decide for yourself what's right and what's wrong. I've arranged for today to be the official longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere* so you should have plenty of time to read Crabby's latest email tips from this page.

* If you're in the southern hemisphere you may not have time to read this until December 21st.