From Zero to Hero with Outlook

I have my annual performance review in half an hour. This reminds me of a great little non-technical tip that may help you get even more value out of Microsoft Outlook.

Every time you receive an email thanking or praising you for some work that you have done, save it in a special folder called (something like) "Hero". When the time comes round to review your performance, or perhaps when you simply need a motivational boost, take a look in that folder to remind yourself of all the great things that you've done. It's surprising how many things you do that make a big difference to someone else's life. And if you don't save these reminders, chances are that you'll forget all about them.

And remember, giving some love is even more fun than receiving it. So, if your Hero folder is looking a little bare, take 5 minutes now to email a quick thank you to someone who has made your life easier. And, before you know it, you might have something extra in return to file in your own Hero folder.