Microsoft World Cup Scoreboard

You may recall my blog posting showing how to add the Football (aka Soccer) World Cup fixtures to your Outlook calendar. Now there's a handy Microsoft Soccer (aka Football) Scoreboard available for download from

World Cup Scoreboard

This handy application can help you stay up to date with latest scores and news from the World Cup. TIP: Watch out for the kick-off times. The download website claim that this application presents local times based on your Windows XP settings but this doesn't seem to work for me. The first England game against Paraguay on 10th June is shown as kicking off at 15.00 in the UK but the FIFA website states 14.00 (UK local time).

I guess I'll just have to be in front of my TV by noon to be sure I don't miss any of the action!

BLOG UPDATE 1 (30th May): I've just learned that an update for this programme will be released soon to fix the time bug. The program's autoupdate capability will ensure that you receive this before the competition kicks off! Another way to get the fixtures into your Outlook calendar can be foundĀ here.

BLOG UPDATE 2 (1st June): The bug has now been fixed. If you previously installed the application simply close it and restart and the correct match time will be displayed. Phew!