Put yourself on the map (part 2)

Here's an even better way to create a custom map. With Windows Live Local you can quickly build a collection of pushpins (locations on the map) to share with your friends. Simply sign in to the Windows Live Local site, add your pushpins then click the share button. If you have an MSN Spaces blog you can link your map collections directly. If not you can email the link or save it to the clipboard for use in another application.

Here's a link to a single location collection I just created which shows the precise home of the Useful Technology Blog: http://local.live.com/?v=2&cid=C03655A24B7AEA52!107

I think this is great. There are so many uses for this. Next time you're organising a night out you could send a pushpin collection to your drinking buddies so they know where you'll be at what time. Or if you're planning a holiday you can plan your travel route and share it with other travellers. Or upload your holiday photos to the web then create a pushpin link to each shot so you can bore your friends not only with your lousy photography but also with precise location information for every picture you took!