SHOCK! Windows Live Local comes to the UK

Disproving once and for all that my colleagues in Redmond don't realise there's life beyond the shores of North America, Windows Live Local is now available for the UK! And Canada (although I think this is still quite close to the US of A). I know, it's a shock, but it looks like Microsoft is finally getting round to extending the range of our popular mapping products to some of the old bits of the world.

The maps are very clear. Heck, I can even see the mini pool in my garden ;-)


And Microsoft Campus in Reading, UK is looking pretty good too.

MSCampus from Windows Live Local

There's no hungry application to download and install because everything runs live from the web. And the search is neat too, even locating my local pub, although not quite my favourite barstool.

There's a 'locate me' button which uses either your IP address or your wireless network to tell you were you are (in case you didn't know!). And the bird's eye views that have been added for some US addresses are quite amazing. Clever stuff.

I like this service! It's fast becoming my favourite way to search for things. Give it a spin.