UsefulOffer: IntelliGolf Eagle now free with HP iPAQ 6915

Shiny shiny HP iPAQ 6915HP did a good job of hiding this offer on their website ;-) Head over to and you may just spot that you can claim a free copy of IntelliGolf Eagle edition (the tippety-topmost-bestest version) if you own a UK-bought HP iPAQ 6915.

The iPAQ 6915 is one of the sleekest work/play devices I've seen. It has everything you could want in a Pocket PC including a decent size touch screen, usable keyboard, camera, music player, wi-fi, and built-in GPS. By adding clever software like IntelliGolf, it transforms itself into a brilliant golf caddy, helping you keep track of scores, wagers, your historical performance, even telling you precisely how far you are from the hole. Then, by checking against its record of how far you normally hit the ball, it can recommend the best club for your next shot. Sadly, despite recent technological advances, it won't carry your clubs, but then you won't have to buy it a drink at the 19th hole either!