30 Days of Small Basic

Here are 30 days of Small Basic, one day at a time. Why 30 days?

1.   interviews with Vijaye Raji 2.   IntelliSense Redesigned   3.   Character Based UI Apps  
4.   Small Basic Quiz 01 5.   Good Comments and Bad Ones 6.   A Case for Insensitivity
7.   Examples of Errors 8.   Hints for helping Cathy 9.   Small Basic Quiz 02
10. Small Basic for Kids 11. History of the Logo Turtle 12. Absolute vs. Relative Motion
13. Comparing Angle and Turn 14. Turtle Game Updates 15. Computers Love to Repeat Things
16. History of the For Loop 17. Small Basic: Turtle Stars 18. Why Turtles Love Fancy Patterns
19. 5 Turtle Exercises! 20. Magic 8 Ball Simulation 21. Small Basic Quiz 03
22. Silly Shakespeare 23. Rounding Method Details 24. Trigonometric Methods
25. Other Relational Operators 26. Flowcharts 27. Small Basic: If Rollercoasters
28. Small Basic: "True" String 29. Leap Year Checker 30. Small Basic: (=) a Comparison


We've reached our 30! Did you last all 30? Well, don't stop there!

Here are another 30 days of Small Basic!

1.   Mutual Exclusion 2.   Objects: The Microwave 3.   Binary Operators
4.   Make it Easy to Read 5.   Changing Properties 6.   Strongly-Typed Languages
7.   Automatic Type Conversion 8.   Scientific Notation 9.   Variables as Named Constants
10. Special Keys: Alt & F10 11. About MouseMove 12. Small Basic: Iteration Count
13. Multiplication Table Example 14. Multiple Nesting Levels 15. Compound Interest Example
16. Numbers Triangle Example 17. Generating a Random Character 18. Small Basic - Example Loop
19. How much wood? 20. Enter the Sentinel!!! 21. Share Your Simulation!
22. For Loop Diagram 23. Control Variable Warning 24. Small Basic: Infinite For Loops
25. Arrays: Indexing Operator 26. Unconventional Indexing Arrays 27. Arrays: Empty Elements
28. Dice Simulation 29. Small Basic: Prime Sieve 30. Small Basic: Pinball Simulation


That concludes the second set of 30! Whew! How'd you do? Did you get through them?

Okay, fine. Twist my arm. Here is the third set of 30 (this set includes general topics and also digs into programming in Small Basic for Lego Mindstorms hardware):

1.   Flower Anatomy Quiz 2.   Three Loop Counters 3.   Three Ways to Validate Input
4.   Pig Latin 5.   Text Files and Binary Files 6.   Small Basic Poet
7.   European Capitals 8.   Non-English Languages 9.   Lego Mindstorms Text Coding!
10. Array Mix 11. Creation of the Array Object 12. Change Your Life Financially
13. FREE: EV3 Basic 14. Small Basic - Temporary Files 15. Small Basic: The Settings File
16. EV3 Basic in 20 Languages 17. Minecraft and Code.org! 18. EV3 Basic is Easiest Installation
19. File Error Example 20. Teaches as you Type 21. Social Collaboration Features
22. Leveraging Graphics Window 23. Games for Lego Mindstorms  

See all the topics for 30 days!




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Have a Small and Basic day,

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