Lego Mindstorms EV3 Basic - Small Basic teaches you as you type!



Small Basic teaches you as you type!

  • With the revolutionary Small Basic IntelliSense (IntelliSense redesigned) and the Help Area, you can literally learn while you type!
  • Small Basic boasts a new incarnation of IntelliSense. Not only does it pop up and show you all your options as you type (which helps for learning, exploration, and spelling), but Small Basic's IntelliSense adds three new features to the Visual Studio IntelliSense: 
    1. You can scroll through your options in a fun and engaging way. 
    2. You see some basic Help content in the IntelliSense window, as you type. 
    3. Press the Control key to make IntelliSense transparent, so you can see your code underneath it!   
  • Small Basic takes learning to the next level with a dedicated Help pane that changes and teaches you as you type and click your code! You don't have to click Help or leave your app! You learn while you program!            



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