Visual Studio Code - NEW FEATURES: 7 Debugging Improvements!

The 0.10.1 November release features a plethora of debugging improvements...

Debugging - Debug Console Improvements

  • Colored text output to highlight diagnostic errors and warnings
  • Support file path links with line and column information for quick source code navigation.

Colored Output

Debugging - Easy Variable Selection

Directly add selections to the Debug Console and Watch window with two new editor commands:

  • Debug: Evaluate - add the text selection to the Debug Console
  • Debug: Add to Watch - add the text selection to the Debug Watch window

add to watch

Debugging - Debug environment configuration

When you create your initial debug configuration (launch.json), VS Code now asks for your specific debug environment (Node.js, Mono) and creates a launch.json specific to that environment.  VS Code also detects the type of request ('launch' or 'attach').

select debug env

Debugging - Hover

Debug hover behavior has been improved: it is now possible to hover over object properties or variables that are not in the top stack frame.

Debugging - Node.js

Starting with this release, we are now launching the Node.js debug target in the internal VS Code Debug Console. This eliminates the tedious management of external console windows and brings program output and the Node.js REPL closer together. Since the Debug Console does not support programs that need to read input from the console, the external console is still available and you can enable it by setting the attribute externalConsole to true in your launch configuration.


Check out all the new features and update to VSC v0.10.3:


Have a great day!

   - Ninja Ed