Visual Studio Code - NEW FEATURES: Git Services, Git Status, & GitHub!!!

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including...

Scoped Git Services

It is now possible to open a sub-directory of a Git repository in VS Code. VS Code's Git services will still work as usual, showing all changes within the repository, but file changes outside of the scoped directory are shaded and have a tool tip indicating the file is located outside the current workspace.

Git Status Bar Actions

There is now a Synchronize action in the Status Bar, next to the branch indicator, when the current checked out branch has an upstream branch configured.

git status bar sync

If there is no upstream branch configured and the Git repository has remotes set up, a new Publish action is enabled. This will let you publish the current branch to remote.

git status bar publish

Engineering - GitHub

The VS Code GitHub repository supports continued integration for branches and pull requests:

During this first iteration of VS Code being open source, we tuned and documented more of our development workflows:

We updated Electron to version 0.34.5.  This includes a bug fix for the issue on Linux where the editor font was showing blurry on certain high DPI displays.


Check out all the new features and update to Visual Studio Code v0.10.6:


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