Visual Studio Team Services - NEW FEATURES: 2 Big Widget Improvements (building widgets & the markdown widget)

This feature set was included in the January update... 

Build widgets in the catalog

As Karen wrote about in the dashboards futures blog, one area we’re focusing on is improving the discoverability and ease in bringing different charts to your dashboard. With this update, you’ll see a new option to add a build history chart from the dashboard catalog, and you’ll be able to configure the build definition displayed directly from the dashboard.

Adding a build history chart from the dashboard catalog


Markdown widget with file from repository

The first version of the markdown widget allowed custom markdown stored inside the widget. You can now choose to display any markdown file in your existing repository.

Selecting a markdown file for display in the widget 

Or add the file to any dashboard in your team project directly from the Code Explorer.

Displaying a markdown file in a dashboard 



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