Visual Studio Team Services - NEW FEATURES: Dashboard Improvements (Auto-Refresh & Widgets)

These feature sets were included in the January update... 

Auto-refresh dashboards

With today’s update, we’re enabling an option to auto-refresh a specific dashboard every 5 minutes. This is a great way to put the dashboard on your TV monitor or hallway screen and keep it updated.

Auto-refresh options 

Public preview of the dashboard widget SDK

It’s here! When we launched dashboards, we mentioned that our widgets are written as extensions, which would also allow you to write and share your own widgets in time. Today, we’re releasing a public preview of our widget SDK. You can get started at Add a dashboard widget.

As a reminder, widgets are implemented as a contribution point in the extension framework. You’ll need some knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a good idea to build a widget. If you run into issues or have feedback, feel free reach out to us at vsointegration@microsoft<dot>com.

Build widgets in the catalog

As I wrote about in the dashboards futures blog, one area we’re focusing on is improving the discoverability and ease in bringing different charts to your dashboard. With this update, you’ll see a new option to add a build history chart from the dashboard catalog, and you’ll be able to configure the build definition displayed directly from the dashboard.

Adding a build history chart from the dashboard catalog


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