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Location API in Windows Phone 8


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Guru Award  Windows Phone Technical Guru - July 2013 
Gold Award Winner  Senthil Kumar (isenthil) Location API in Windows Phone 8 JS: "Best written and most complete"Ed Price: "This is a very well rounded article. It would be perfect with even more explanations around the various concepts. Good fix by Isenthil from feedback in the comments!"
Silver Award Winner  Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj Text To Speech in Windows Phone 8 JS: "Is OK"Ed Price: "An important topic from Lohith with good explanations. As Nitesh says in the comments: "Nice and Easy, Lohith!""
Bronze Award Winner  Ken Tucker How to use Sqlite with a Windows Phone 8 app JS: "Nice, but not enough documentation"Ed Price: "Good code formatting. The images are helpful. It could use more explanations and details for each step."


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The Location capabilities has to be set in the app manifest file for the app to work fine when using the location APIs.

If the Location capabilities are not set in manifest file, the following is the behaviour.

1. If the App is targeted at Windows Phone 7.1, then a status error will be received when trying to start the GeoCoordinate Watcher.

2. If the App is targeted at Windows Phone 8, then the app will throw UnauthorizedAccessException.

Setting the location capabilities is pretty easy, you will need to include the ID_CAP_LOCATION in the Capabilities section of your WMAppManifest.xml . Note that you should also be setting the ID_CAP_NETWORKING.


<``CapabilityName``=``"ID_CAP_LOCATION"/> < Capability Name="ID_CAP_NETWORKING"/>



If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, you can add the capabilities with the GUI editor as shown in the below screenshot.





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Location API in Windows Phone 8



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