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Congratulations to Ken Tucker, our Windows Phone Development Guru winner for July! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for July 2013.


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About Ken: MCPD.  I am interested in MVC, WP8, WP7, and Windows Store apps. An MVP, MCC, and Microsoft Partner, who works at Sea World.


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Create an Analog Clock in a Windows Store Application


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Guru Award  Windows Store Apps Technical Guru - July 2013  

Gold Award Winner


Ken Tucker Create an Analog Clock in a Windows Store Application RC: "Clocks are a classic Xaml demo! A few things to consider: Hard-coded colours are a common accessibility failure. These should be pulled from resources and follow high contrast settings. I'd also write it as a templatable control and make the time a bindable property with converters from time to angle. The xaml could be readily swapped out for different analogue faces, digital, etc. It's a bit more work, but would demonstrate some useful techniques." Ed Price: "This is a great topic! "

Silver Award Winner


Jaliya Udagedara Tasks Window in Visual Studio 2013 Preview Ed Price: "Good use of images to visually explain the Tasks Window." RC: "A big upgrade to the Tasks window for Visual Studio 2013 is that it now supports all languages, including JavaScript. See HERE. There is a good walkthrough demonstrating how to use the Tasks and Stacks windows together at"

Bronze Award Winner


Jaliya Udagedara Windows Store App with a SQLite Database RC: "Nice clearly written intro to using SQLite. One confusing thing is that it starts out HTML specific talking about Web Storage and IndexedDB but then explains how to use SQLite in a C# app. I'd love for it to cover .Net and JavaScript apps like Tim Heuer's series at does, as well as C++." Ed Price: "Great introduction and good use of images and well-formatted code."


Nine great articles contributed for July, thanks to everyone in the Windows Store category. Sachin S also contributed FOUR great articles for July and narrowly missed a medal. Hopefully we will see more from all these players in August?



And here's an excerpt from the article:



This sample uses xaml and C# to create an analog clock in a windows store application. Xaml allows you to vary the angle of lines when drawn on the screen.  I used an ellipse as the background of the clock.  We will draw 3 lines for the hour, seconds, and minute hand on an analog clock.


The C# code:


         DispatcherTimer timer = new DispatcherTimer(); 
        public MainPage() 
            timer.Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1); 
            timer.Tick += timer_Tick; 
        void timer_Tick(object sender, object e) 
            secondHand.Angle = DateTime.Now.Second * 6; 
            minuteHand.Angle = DateTime.Now.Minute * 6; 
            hourHand.Angle = (DateTime.Now.Hour * 30) + (DateTime.Now.Minute * 0.5); 





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Create an Analog Clock in a Windows Store Application


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