Integrate Data with New Microsoft Office 2010 Features

4289AE77-4CBA-4A75-86F3-9FF96F68E491 Microsoft Office offers real opportunities for ISVs. You’ll be enabling your customers to work together in real time, use multimedia to express ideas, and enjoy the freedom of working virtually anywhere.

Key selling point is that your customers will connect to their data across

  • PCs
  • Browsers
  • Mobile devices

But this means more than just saving files on each of those devices. It means that customers can co-author documents, presentations, and data. It brings data closer to where the decision-makers.

Key Customer Features for Office 2010

ISVs add value to Office 2010 by customizing and provide access to line of business data. Here are the features that make adding on to Office 2010 compelling to ISVs:

Co-authoring: collaboration without chaos. User can simultaneously work on the same document, whether it's in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote. You can add value by providing ways to access the data in your applications.

Project "Gemini": Build powerful analytical applications. Project Gemini is an Excel 2010 add-in that allows you to create powerful analyses by quickly manipulating millions of rows of data into a single Excel workbook and utilize Microsoft Office 2010 to share and collaborate on your insights with your team. As ISVs you can provide the data.

Microsoft Office Backstage. Your users will save time and simplify their work across every Microsoft Office application with Microsoft Office Backstage. You can print, save, share, blog, embed, publish, or create a new document from a template–in a streamlined view, across every Microsoft Office application. ISVs can provide the templates.

Improved data visualization for better decision making. Microsoft Excel 2010 makes it possible to analyze, manage, and share information in more ways than ever before. ISVs can tap into the visualizations and link to the data in your applications.

Shared notebooks in OneNote help ideas flow. Use Microsoft OneNote 2010 to keep all the information you need for work and home in one place.

Take control of your e-mail and calendar. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is making it easier to be confident, connected, and in control—in and out of the workplace. As an ISV, you can build add-ins to Outlook that provide a easy to use way to access data that users already use constantly.

A new way to share rich presentations. With exciting new audio/visual tools, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 helps you create powerful cinematic stories. ISVs can incorporate data, provide tools to build out multi-media presentations of data in your applications.

Take SharePoint documents and lists offline. Sharepoint Workspace 2010 allows you conveniently synchronize all your documents when you are offline. It’s easier than ever to connect your application with SharePoint 2010 using the new tools in Visual Studio 2010.

Key Features for Developers

For developer Office 2010 offers a platform for end-to-end solutions:

  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) integrate external data in Office more easily
  • User interface advances like Backstage view and Office Fluent UI across more applications

You’ll also find advances with:

  • Visual Studio 2010: easier to build, deploy, and maintain solutions
  • Open XML SDK allows manipulation of document data in solutions
  • Access offers more templates and lowered bar for creating applications

When combined with Visual Studio 2010, developers will see:

  • C# language improvements allowing for optional parameters. When you call Office methods, you no longer have to specify default parameter value.
  • Lambda expressions for you to easily set data in Office documents.
  • Improved deployment  where you are able to provide just the Interop files that are needed by your application.

More Information

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