Roadmap for Windows Phone Includes Copy, Paste, App Switching Improvements, Sprint, Verizon Networks

CES_thumb_logo_181x148Windows Phone 7 will be updated over the next few months. They will include the addition of copy and paste capabilities and significant improvement in performance when loading or switching between applications. Updates will be released automatically and will include a few changes.

We also will release a version of the software which will allow our phone partners to release new Windows Phones on the Sprint and Verizon networks in the first half of 2011.

The announcements were made at CES in the Windows Phone Team Blog post Windows Phone Lands at CES 2011.

About Windows Phone at CES

Windows Phone 7 is supported on nine phones with 60 mobile operators in 30 countries. High-quality apps have been posted the Marketplace with over 5,500 to date. This means Windows Phone owners get access to more than 100 new apps every 24 hours and more than half of our customers are downloading a new app every day.

Top Apps Announced

  • Kindle – browse, buy and read over 775,000 books in the Kindle store.
  • Fruit Ninja – a mobile gaming favorite where you use your finger to slide and dice fruit as it’s lobbed on screen.
  • Pocket God – control the destiny of people living on a remote island deep in the prehistoric past.

Getting Started

Download the free Windows Phone developer tools. You can write your application in either VB or C#.

Free developer training:

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Free Help with Your Windows Phone 7 Apps

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Bruce D. KyleISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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