Silverlight 5 Released with New Features for Developers

Silverlight 5 has been released.

Silverlight 5 adds a ton of new features over what we had with Silverlight 4. These are non-trivial features like a full 3d stack, parsing performance improvements, tons of enhancements to binding and much more. My favorite features have to be Implicit Templates and the XNA-Compatible 3d Stack. The official list of features is here, but I've also detailed some below with direct links to learning content (this is adapted from my RC post).

The best place to go to get the bits is . Make sure you have Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (or Visual Web Developer) and then install the Silverlight 5 Tools. While there, be sure to install the latest version of the Silverlight 5 Toolkit - most of the XNA goodness is in the toolkit and SDK.

New Features

Some new core Silverlight features

  • Improved media support
  • Low Latency Audio Playback: Use the SoundEffect API to trigger low-latency sound
  • Improved Text support
  • Silverlight 5 performance improvements
  • Graphics improvements

Of special interest to ISVs:

  • PivotViewer -- now included in SDK. Adds support for dynamic client-based collections, XAML-based visuals, and customizability.
  • ClickCount: Add support for multi-click to your application
  • Listbox/ComboBox type-ahead text searching: Listboxes and ComboBoxes can now scroll based on text input
  • Ancestor RelativeSource Binding: Bind to a property on a parent control
  • Implicit DataTemplates: Allow DataTemplates to be defined implicitly
  • DataContextChanged event
  • Added PropertyChanged to the UpdateSourceTrigger enum
  • Save File and Open File Dialog: Specify a default filename when you launch your SaveFileDialog and specify a default directory when you launch your OpenFileDialog
  • Databinding Debugging: Set a breakpoint directly in XAML, examine locals, and debug your bindings
  • Custom Markup Extensions: Execute custom code at XAML parse time
  • Binding on Style Setters: You can now specify a binding within a style

Silverlight 5 extends features of the "Trusted Application" model

Silverlight 5 extends features of the ‘Trusted Application’ model to the browser for the first time. These features, when enabled via a group policy registry key and an application certificate, mean users won’t need to leave the browser to perform complex tasks:

  • Multiple window support: Launch multiple top-level windows inside a SL OOB application
  • Full-Trust in-browser: Using Group Policy, deploy signed in-browser applications that harness the full power of full-trust functionality
  • In-browser HTML support: Host your WebOC within an in-browser SL application
  • Unrestricted File System Access: Read from and write to any directory on your system, from a full-trust application
  • P/Invoke support : Allows existing native code to be run directly from Silverlight

Tools improvements

  • Visual Studio Team Test support.

More information

About Silverlight

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