Tag - I'm it...

Happy New Year everyone!

One of my resolutions this year is to add a life to our team blog, and so I shall.  I've been one of the more reticent team members that posts here, and it's high time I fix that.  Coincidentally, my friend and colleague Bob German tagged me to list 5 things you might not know about me, so here goes...

  • I independently study biology and biotechnology - I find it to be endlessly facinating, and even got to run a DNA fingerprinting test (using the Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction technique) - I could go on and on about Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms and Gel Electrophorsis, but then it would be even more obvious why people tend to avoid me at cocktail parties
  • I have "perfect pitch", which is the ability to distinguish and name musical notes (for example, the start up notes for Vista are B-E-F#-B I think) - it's an essentially useless thing, but it comes in handy when in need of bullet points after being tagged like this
  • I collect guitars, but don't play any very well (as I mentioned, perfect pitch is no substitute for the application of hard work and talent) - I admire people who can play well tremendously
  • I once lost a bet to David Platt (author of "Why Software Sucks" and other missives) by asserting that "scungilli" were squid (they're snails - squid are "calamari") - I still owe him a six-pack of Anchor Steam
  • I was once called a "Cuptertino-beret-wearing-javahead" by Don Box after raving about how much I loved the Visual J++ form designer and accompanying language - I wear that as a badge of honor

Now wasn't that just scintillating?  If you think so, just wait...  I'm tagging Warren Wilbee, who is by far a more interesting person than I.  Also, so that this chain lasts a bit longer, I'll merely ask that he tags one other person (and I'll ask for dispensation from Bob for only tagging one other person, or maybe I'll just let him borrow my Telecaster.)

W^3 -you're it, baby...