October 2012 recommendations

imageEach month, your first-Friday delivery of the U.S. partner newsletter, emailed to you as a benefit of your Microsoft Partner Network membership, contains a list of our recommendations for U.S. SMB partners located in the Central Region. We also use this list to update our Central Region page on the U.S. partner portal.

These recommendations are in the U.S. partner newsletter delivered Friday, October 5. This week’s role-based training recommendations are for Microsoft Exchange and Visual Studio 2012.

Fall is officially here, and you may be starting to feel cooler temperatures. But as we approach the release of Windows 8, and with the recent releases of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft System Center 2012, and Windows Server, your opportunities are hot. Use our recommendations below and in the rest of this newsletter to take advantage of them.


You can read all the content delivered in each issue of the U.S. partner newsletter on the U.S. Partner Team blog. The next newsletter will be delivered to U.S. partners on Friday, October 19.

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