Enterprise Search Training for Application Developers and IT Pros

Enterprise Search Trainingfor Application Developers & IT Pros

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The Next Steps in Your SharePoint Training:

SharePoint 2010 Search & FAST Search Server 2010:

Are you ready to go deeper into the enterprise search workload?

Build on your core SharePoint 2010 training and learn why Microsoft has chosen to integrate the high-end search capabilities of FAST ESP into SharePoint Server.

FAST-based search solutions are empowering companies by enhancing collaboration and content management—directly increasing business productivity for your enterprise. Learn how to drive digital marketing for your web properties, and many more new capabilities.

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Course Titles & Descriptions

MS 10802A: Microsoft Enterprise Search

for IT Professionals

This 3-day course prepares IT Professionals to administer enterprise search solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint.

Topics include: All aspects of administration are covered including search topologies, search sites, content crawling, federation, monitoring, and search reporting.

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MS 10805A: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Search

for Application Developers

This 3-day course provides training on how to develop search solutions by using SharePoint Server 2010. It builds on the search-related material in 10175A Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Application Development.

Topics include: processing data content, configuring Federation, search scopes, managed metadata, linguistics, federated object model applications, custom search applications, extending connectors using SharePoint Designer, and custom connectors using Business Connectivity Services.

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MS 10806A: Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010

for SharePoint for Application Developers

This 2-day course covers the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint product. Students will learn about product architecture, as well as configuring, extending, and creating enterprise search solutions.

Topics include: Product features, search architecture, FAST Web Crawler, FAST Query Language, numeric refiners, FAST Search scopes, linguistic capabilities, advanced content processing, relevancy and ranking.

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Schedules & Pre-Registration

MS 10802A:Microsoft Enterprise Searchfor IT Professionals

February 20, 9-5 ESTMarch 26, 8-4 PST

April 25, 9-5 ESTMay 23, 8-4 PST

June 25, 9-5 EST

July 30, 8-4 PST

August 22, 9-5 ESTSeptember 26, 8-4 PST

October 22, 9-5 EST

November 26, 8-4 PST

December 19, 9-5 EST

Starting early 2012!

Course Outline



MS 10805A:Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Searchfor Application DevelopersJanuary 9,  9-5 ESTFebruary 27, 8-4 PSTApril 16, 9-5 ESTJune 04,  8-4 PSTCourse Outline




MS 10806A:Microsoft FAST SearchServer 2010 for SharePointfor Application DevelopersJanuary 12,  9-5 EST

March 1, 8-4 PSTApril 19,  9-5 ESTJune 7, 8-4 PSTCourse Outline


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