Improve your sales quotas

A sales improvement program

Does your sales team face any of these challenges?

  • Sales training you’ve tried isn’t producing the results you need.
  • The cost to the business for underperforming salespeople is high.
  • Your average salespeople are not improving.
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Microsoft joined with the founders of Ninety Five 5 in 1998 to help improve the sales skills of Microsoft teams and partners. A leading sales consultancy firm, Ninety Five 5 helps partners boost profitability and grow their businesses through successful sales of Microsoft solutions. And now Ninety Five 5 is offering special pricing exclusively to Microsoft partners.

The Sales Success System is a comprehensive four-step program that uses playbooks, and live and virtual training events, to develop your team’s sales skills. Optional coaching sessions with experienced sales guides can also be incorporated into your program.

The program is delivered in eight languages and 15 countries (with more to be added, according to demand).

​Grow your business with more-profitable sales

Introducing the Sales Success System

 The Sales Success System can help your team:

  • Raise sales-performance levels
  • Build qualified references through satisfied customers
  • Create a customer-focused sales culture
  • Turn sales managers into sales leaders

 The Sales Success System is unique because:

  • Most instruction takes place in the field—not in a classroom—so it can be
    used and practiced immediately
  • It blends in-person and online training events
  • You can choose company, individual, opportunity-based coaching, or a

 The ideal participants for the Sales Success System are:

  • Systems integrators (SIs), large-account resellers (LARs), value-added
    resellers (VARs), independent software vendors (ISVs), OEMs, and Microsoft
    Dynamics partners
  • Sales leaders and sales team members who participate together with their
    Microsoft Partner Account Managers

 Find out more about the Sales Success System and request a Sales Success System event in your
region by sending an email to the Sales Success System team.





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