Bring the benefits of Office 365 to life for your customers to increase your sales

Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) is a Microsoft sales and marketing program that gives customers hands-on experience with new Microsoft products and technologies. This experience selling tool helps accelerate your Office 365 sales cycle, offering a scenario-driven experience that helps customers understand how their employees and teams can be more productive and efficient. Partners that use MEC benefit from shorter sales cycles and greater revenue opportunities.

Some of the everyday business scenarios that are part of MEC include:

  • Productivity on-the-go
  • Connecting in real time with co-workers and customers
  • Using social networking to get work done

In addition, MEC provides a first-hand look at the fast and fluid experience of Windows 8.1 and the exciting features of Office 365 across devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

Now, all Microsoft US partners can utilize the rich, experience-oriented content developed for MEC, through our new program, Partners Accelerating Customer Experience (PACE). Through PACE, you have access to the resources and content you need to start selling the experience of Office 365 to your customers, utilizing scripts that are simple and easy to understand, learn, and deliver.

How to get started with MEC through the PACE program


Visit the MEC website and select Microsoft Partner. For access, sign in with your Microsoft Partner Network credentials. To associate yourself to your company’s MPN profile, follow the steps here.

Then, complete these two steps:

1. Watch a 20-minute video that explains the storyline used to facilitate MEC sessions

2. Take and pass our multiple-choice quiz to demonstrate your understanding of the content presented in the video

Once you have passed the quiz, you will be granted access to the MEC platform and the content you need to begin delivering amazing experiences to customers.

If you have questions about MEC or PACE, email