Introducing the EMS Partner Learning Plan

Robb Dilallo, Technology Solutions Professional, Enterprise Mobility + Security Nick Johnson, Technology Solutions Professional

“Can you help me learn EMS?” This is a question we frequently hear from partners. Working with Microsoft enterprise mobility and security solutions daily, we know Microsoft offers many really great training options, so it's important to think about the goal you have for what you want to accomplish through training.

The most successful learning journeys we see for Enterprise Mobility + Security always start with a goal. Here are the three we hear most often when we ask partners about their training goal:

  • Sales training
  • Technical training
  • Preparing for Enterprise Mobility Management competency technical assessments

In the December 2016 EMS Partner Community call, we talked about sales resources, demo resources, and funding for partners. One of the resources we discussed was the new EMS Partner Learning Plan.

Read the introductory blog post for this call

December 2016 EMS Partner call

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EMS Partner Learning Plan

The EMS Partner Learning Plan is an Excel file that you can download and edit to fit your company's needs. We've posted the file in our EMS Partner Yammer group.

Download the EMS Partner Learning Plan

Sales training strategy

Sales roles should start with the General EMS tab and focus on the Level 100 and 200 content. This gives sellers a very good overview of EMS and equips them to have a broad conversation. If you plan to specialize in an area, like Information Protection, click on the appropriate tab in the workbook and filter the content to level 100 and 200.

For some sales cycles, sellers may want or need to demo EMS. We have a blog series that can help you set up and run a demo.

EMS demo blog series

Technical training strategy

Technical roles should filter the spreadsheet by desired level and topic and start learning. My word of caution is to pick one topic to focus on, build your knowledge and skills for that topic, and then to pick your next topic. I recommend identity management to start.

Technical roles will  benefit from setting up the demo environment. Since it is a working system, you can modify and test anything you desire.

EMS demo blog series

Enterprise Mobility Management competency attainment

The Enterprise Mobility Management competency recently updated the technical assessments required as a part of competency attainment. The best way to prepare for the assessments is the Microsoft partner learning paths, collections of on-demand training available through Partner University.

Learn more about the Enterprise Mobility Management competency Enterprise Mobility Management competency learning path

Enterprise Mobility + Security Partner Community

Learning about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security can be an exciting journey. If you are learning a new part of the technology or building an entire practice, the EMS Partner community is here to help. If you have questions, feedback, or ideas, join the conversation in our Yammer group.