Road to the Cloud: strategy and networking events for ISVs

imageBusiness leaders of independent software vendor organizations (ISVs) face increasing challenges in today’s software market. Many companies that have historically bought packaged software solutions are evaluating software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-backed software solutions to replace or augment their legacy software solutions.

This new cloud market presents tremendous opportunity for the business leaders of established ISVs. Capturing that strategic opportunity brings not just technical changes, but also fundamental shifts to your company’s business model. A platform decision is a key component of that shift.

Register for an upcoming Road to the Cloud event to learn from your peers in the industry who have  built a successful cloud business. You’ll hear from owners and leaders of successful software businesses about best practices and the lessons they have learned, and gain insight about the cloud opportunity for a software business.

This event is focused on business strategy, and is not a technical learning event.


Topics covered at this event include:

  • Applications to apps: the shifting software market
  • Cloud computing models: private, public, and hybrid
  • Cloud business and cost models
  • ISV success stories
  • Networking reception

Event schedule and registration information

There are more events being planned for the United States. We’ll keep this post updated as we get the dates, cities, and registration links. You can also check the main event page to get the latest information about upcoming events.

Date City

Registration link

November 13

Chicago, IL


November 20

Detroit, MI


December 2

Los Angeles, CA


December 3

New York, NY


December 4

Dallas, TX


December 11

Atlanta, GA


December 15

Houston, TX