AND THE HITS (BPOS incentives) JUST KEEP ON COMING–Microsoft Announces the Velocity 250 Offer for US Partners

by Ron Grattopp…..ronaldg 001 Cloud Power

In my last post, just a couple of days ago, I told you about the Online Business Productivity Services (OBPS) Customer Rewards Offer which was an offer running thru April 1, 2011 that provided customers with rebates up to 50% of their first year subscription fees to use as partner subsidy funds – yep, that’s like getting half a year free (or at least comp’d).  Well, here is ANOTHER deal to help incent your customers to take advantage of Microsoft Online Services – this one is the Velocity 250 Offer for US Partners.  This offer will run from February 1 through May 31, 2011.

You can check out the details and Terms and Conditions for THIS offer on the Microsoft Partner Network portal at https://


For those who may not have noticed, this offer is listed under the Sales & Marketing tab of MPN vs the Licensing tab for the other offer, AND as noted at the bottom of the MPN Page above (not shown in screenshot), this is a complementary offer to the OBPS Customer Rewards offer outlined in my previous post.  I’ll quickly highlight some of the key differences:

  • This promotion is partner-focused vs customer-focused for OBPS
  • Each Velocity 250 award is a Partner Services funds check of $250 vs the <50% of first year annual fee for OBPS offer
  • Partner funds must be applied to post-sales deployment and migration service charges for commercial customers vs more options (i.e. licenses and hardware) for the OBPS offer
  • Qualifying sales opportunity includes a new commercial customer subscription for twenty-five (25) seats or above vs the 5 seat minimum and 25 seat per SKU cap for the OBPS offer
  • Partners must be Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack subscribers vs a Microsoft Online Services Agreement customer criterion for OBPS offer
  • For more details on award redemption, review T&C and/or contact your Microsoft Partner Territory Manager.

Both offers basically cover any (or all) of the Microsoft Online Service SKU (not just BPOS).  OF course, you should read the Terms and Conditions section of the MPN page above for other criterion that I did not address in this post.

As with the previous offer, there is a time limit, so start taking advantage of this today, and good luck.

Cheers, as always,