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A few weeks back I blogged about the launch of the SMB Server Experience and Server Selection Tools on the Midsize Business Solution page .  Well, now there is a new site, that’s designed to be a customer-ready resource focused on the small business segment


This new site provides small businesses with content specifically created for them.  As you can see, the focal point of the site is a 20-minute “show” called Tech Essentials with Jane Applegate, a respected author and small business management expert, which features interviews with other experts and small business owners. These shows are intended to refresh quarterly with new guests and customer stories as well as content around a series of rotating central themes.

Just below the link to start Jane’s show, you’ll see another section called “virtual server experience”, which links back to the SMB Server Experience tool I highlighted in the other post referenced above.

You should also note a section called “Windows Small Business Server at work” (shown below) where you will find links to other customer-friendly content, like testimonials from small business owners who have purchased their first servers (typically SBS 2011 Essentials) and also begun their journey to the cloud.  As you can see, some of these businesses have as few as 4 employees, and the largest customer in the current set only has 35 employees so very much small business centric.


And there is also a section with How to Buy and Find an expert links…


If you have time today, visit to see if it can’t be a resource that you can leverage to help your customers better understand why other small businesses are investing in Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and how it is helping their businesses be more productive and efficient.

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