Announcing the Office 365 Plan Selector Tool


Josh Condie – All levels of the Microsoft Channel, from Distribution to LSP to VAR, have been asking for training and reference material to support the Office 365 presales process around proper plan selection.  How’s that for a lot of “P’s?”  Here is the 1st edition of the Office 365 Plan Selector.  It will evolve and grow, but it has great value right out of the gates.

What is the Office 365 Plan Selector Tool?

It is an Excel based tool, which recommends the appropriate Office 365 Plan, based on the answers to a few questions around a customer’s technology and productivity needs.

Why and who did we build this for?

Our wide choice of Office 365 Plans offers great solutions for customers across different segments and needs. This tool will enable our sellers at both Distis and LSPs, as well as our VAR partners, to quickly and easily recommend the right Office 365 plans for the most common customer scenarios. This is expected to significantly improve the demand generation for O365 from inbound customer calls and also sales velocity of outbound efforts.

How are we planning to land this with our sellers and partners?

In the coming weeks, you will see more on this tool:

  • Blog posts, newsletters and Yammer groups for MPN partners and SMB Champions Club
  • Blitz day trainings and evangelism through the technical and marketing account teams at Distis and LSPs
  • Flight Plan calls, Regional Area calls, SMB Live events and webinars, to reach the managed as well as breadth VAR community



Here’s the training video/demo:



· Download the tool and watch the short demo video

· Reach out to your customers

· Give us your feedback on how we can improve the tool

Josh C.