Auditing and Reporting in Office 365


Tim Tetrick


I commonly get questions around the auditing and reporting capabilities available in Office 365, so I wanted to make everyone aware of an updated Whitepaper that just recently became available called Auditing and Reporting in Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 includes several auditing and reporting features that customers can use to track user and administrative activity within their Office 365 tenant, such as changes made to their Exchange Online and SharePoint Online tenant configuration settings, and changes made by users to documents and other items. Customers can use the audit information and reports available in Office 365 to more effectively manage the user experience, mitigate risk, and fulfill compliance obligations.

This document describes the various auditing and reporting features available in Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This document also provides an overview of internal logging that is available to authorized Microsoft engineers for detection, analysis, troubleshooting, and providing Office 365 services.

The Whitepaper can be accessed via or directly at

This is a great resource for customers and partners alike!