Azure in 5 minutes: Configuring the Site-to-Site VPN

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Rob Waggoner


In this discussion I talk about setting up the Site-to-Site VPN between my Azure Virtual Network and my on-premises infrastructure. 

While I walked you through the setup, I also blogged about setting up the Site-to-Site here

During the discussion I talked about the list of the known compatible VPN gateway devices.  The full list is maintained here and continues to grow!  If your device is not on the known compatible list, you can do a quick Bing search and I’ll bet someone has already posted instructions on how to get it working with Azure.

6/16/2015 update:  I downloaded an evaluation copy of the FORTINET FortiGate Virtual Appliance and was able to easily configure a Site-to-Site VPN connection, with the help of the FortiNet’s setup guide here.  I was very pleased at how quickly I was able to get the connection setup and transferring data between Azure and my on-premises network. 

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