Azure RemoteApp… give it a try!

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

As I mentioned on my previous post, More on Azure Announcements at TechEd, one of the solutions announced is Azure RemoteApp. While there is not a large amount if info available yet, there is some basic documentation.

Go to the Azure RemoteApp Preview page to review the following:

What is RemoteApp?
RemoteApp lets you connect to Azure desktops from mobile devices wherever you are. This topic covers the basic concepts of RemoteApp.

Create a hybrid deployment of RemoteApp
A hybrid deployment uses a virtual network to connect to your on-premises infrastructure to let your users access the data in your corporate network when they use RemoteApp.

Create a cloud deployment of RemoteApp
Unlike a hybrid deployment, a cloud deployment runs completely in Azure.

Another item that many are asking about is pricing. Currently Azure RemoteApp is in preview and is no-charge during this preview period. There is a Pricing Details page but while during preview does not show pricing, it does show a table that shows a summary of features (copied below.)


There are 2 ways that you can start to work with it today!  

First, you can sign up for the PREVIEW which will add it to your Azure tenancy. Go to the Azure Preview page and scroll down to Azure RemoteApp, then select Try It on right! It will need to be approved for your account, when it is it will be available on the Azure Portal.

While you are waiting you can get a quick look at how it will look to end users! Go to this post on the Remote Desktop Services Blog here: Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Demo . There are instructions on how to access a RemoteApp implementation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The team is looking for feedback; after each session it will ask for any opinions you may have. (Also, one other resource to Experience RemoteApp Now from.)

Thanks, and good selling!