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I love talking about the Enterprise capabilities Azure can bring to even our smallest customers, and I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the latest capability. Azure Recovery Services, that is available via CSP, the new portal and the classic portal, for you to resell to your customers. The full announcement is here, but I want to share some details that will get your attention.

  1. We can protect on-premises workloads that run on Physical Servers, Hyper-V Servers, or VMware servers all for the same cost.
  2. If you are protecting Physical Servers, or VMware servers, the only difference (now) is that you need one more VM (or physical server) on-premises running the Process Server. The Process Server is responsible for replicating the running physical or VMware based virtual machine contents to Azure.
  3. Originally, the ability to protect Physical or VMware based workloads required additional VMs to be run within Azure. This added significant cost to these solutions. We announced a few months ago that these additional VMs are no longer required, and the cost to protect Physical or VMware based VMs was the same cost as protecting Hyper-V based VMs.

If you have deployed VMware (or physical) based workloads, but do not have a good Disaster Recovery solution, please take a look at Azure Site Recovery. It costs $54.00 per month per workload, plus the cost of the storage consumed. The only time you incur runtime costs is when you start the VMs in Azure for either a Test Failover or Failover event.

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