Azure Site Recovery without System Center Virtual Machine Manager

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Rob Waggoner


We just released the ability to leverage Azure Site Recovery without the System Center requirement.  Azure Site Recovery gives you the ability to send your Hyper-V Replica’s to Azure instead of another Hyper-V Server.  This gives you the ability to use Azure as your DR site!  I’ve talked a lot about Hyper-V Replica before; here is where I talked about a customer leveraging Hyper-V Replica to allow their business to stay up and running even when Hurricane Sandy took out their infrastructure.  How many of your customers need a DR solution but can’t afford one?  Azure Site Recovery now gives you the ability to leverage Azure as the customers’ DR site.

If you take a look at a new Azure Site Recovery Vault, you’ll see additional options, the newest one is highlighted in the screen shot below:


There is more to the setup process than when using SCVMM, but it gives us the ability to send our Hyper-V VM replica’s to Azure without requiring System Center.  I got this setup for a new VM in about 10 minutes, now I’m just waiting for the initial replica to replicate to Azure.  As I dig into the details of this solution, I’ll share more about it.  But for now, enjoy that we’ve lowered the costs of providing a DR solution for our SMB customers.

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