Call Queues and Auto Attendant trainings updated for General Availability


Tim Tetrick


Hello Microsoft Partners,

I hope everyone saw the news from last week that the Skype for Business Cloud PBX calling features Auto Attendant and Call Queues are now generally available.  These two features were previously available via Public Preview at but have now been officially released.  You can read more in the recent Office blog post Skype for Business drives digital transformation.

As a reminder, Auto Attendant provides an automated system to answer and route inbound calls using dial pad inputs and speech recognition. Call Queues enable incoming calls to be routed to the next available live attendant in the order they are received.  Cloud PBX can be paired with a PSTN Calling Plan to replace an organization’s phone system.  Users can make/receive phone calls to/from cel phones and landlines, from all Skype for Business devices, including desktop phones, PCs, and mobile devices.  Cloud PBX is included in the E5 Plan, and can be added on to E1/E3 Plans.

I have talked to many partners who have been waiting on these capabilities to go big with their plans to take this to their SMB customers to either replace existing PBX solutions, or move customers into PBX capabilities for the first time.   Of course, as with all new technologies, partners need training so I would like to make you aware of some great new trainings on both these features that was just recently updated.  You can access them via the links below.

Auto Attendant training 

Call queues training

Updated PPTX training decks are also being made available and can be accessed at Call Queues and Auto Attendant trainings updated.

Encourage you and your teams to dive into these training resources and hope you find them helpful!