Can Intune be used to license virtual desktops?


Onur Dogruoz

After the recent updates to Intune service, I am constantly getting this question from our sellers. Can Intune subscription be used to license virtual desktops? Does that have any virtualization rights?

Before answering the question, let’s have a quick look at the different Windows Intune offers and programs.


As it can be seen in the above table, Windows Intune is available in Direct, Open and EA channels and similar to Office 365 subscriptions, it’s a per user subscription.

We also have “Windows Intune w/Windows SA” as another option in Direct (MOSP) channel for our customers who also want Windows.

So the answer to our original question is; Yes, “Windows Intune w/Windows SA” offer includes virtualization rights for Windows desktop operating systems. Please see pages 31-34 on Microsoft Online Services Use Rights – April2014 document for the detailed use rights for this subscription.

Last week, my teammate Jeff Stoffel also blogged about the availability of the Intune in Open Licensing. You can access his post on:

Thank you!