Delegate Meeting Scheduling in Skype for Business

Q: (from Mitch)

Skype Meeting Delegation: Currently we have some users that schedule meetings for others. (ie: CEO’s assistant, Sales team assistant…) These users are already delegates on office365 and can schedule regular meetings on their people’s calendars. But when the user tries to schedule a Skype meeting, they see this image below:




Of course traditional delegated access for email and calendar entries is done through Outlook which is where I started looking. But a Bing search on “Skype for Business delegate permissions” revealed that to delegate Skype for Business meetings, you need to go into the Skype for Business client:

  • go to the menu Tools / Call Forwarding,
  • click the Edit my delegate members link,
  • add the people who should be delegates, and
  • determine if they should also receive phone calls.



SDeming Face  Steve