Don’t Leave Free Money on the Table: The Customer Ignite Offer expires in two weeks.


Woody Walton


It isn’t often that anyone offers to give you anything for free, so when it comes along you should take advantage.   Recently, the Ready-to-go team at Microsoft put together the Customer Ignite offer.  The offer ends on May 15th and there is still plenty of time to act if you have not done so.   A summary of the offer is below and is limited to the first 250 partners that act.  …so act!

Why use the Customer Ignite Offer?

This is a tremendous launch year and we know you’re aware of the significant customer upgrade opportunity it presents. To help you seize this opportunity, Ready-to-Go Marketing now has a new service to help you customize and send unsolicited sales proposals through a direct mail fulfillment program. It’s an easy and effective way for you to generate customer interest and demand.

To get you started, Microsoft is offering the first 250 partners to respond up to Eight Hundred Dollars USD $800.00, (*please refer to the terms and conditions) - towards the cost of sending customized sales proposals to new and existing customers.





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