EMS Partner Journey

During our SMB Live events this fall, we’ve been encouraging partners follow a prescribed path for adopting a new business practice that I like to call CERT:

  • Nominate a Champion
  • Embrace Internally
  • Leverage Sales/Marketing/Technical Resources
  • Track your progress

I’ve been applying this framework to all of the partners with which I’ve been discussing Azure and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Along those same lines, the SMB EMS Team has just published their Roadmap of Resources to Accelerate Practice Building: a Microsoft Sway called the EMS Partner Journey. The Sway contains references to nine great resources to help adopt EMS including:

  1. Learn the business value of EMS and opportunities with video and Partner case studies.
  2. Encourage IUR usage and attainment of MPN competency.
  3. Point Partners to resources like:  EMS Selling Guide, EMS Partner Page, CSP-in-a-Box, EMS Hub, the Azure MSP Playbook, and digital marketing content for use on their own websites.
  4. Point to Technical Training at Partner University.
  5. Point to Licensing and Pricing information.
  6. Point to the DEMO platform along with How-to videos from our very own TS2 team.
  7. Provide explanation and link to the Cloud Platform Immersion.
  8. Overview and nomination process for AMP.
  9. Overview and nomination process for Cloud Enablement Desk and Cloud Acceleration Desk.

Please take a few moments to explore the EMS Partner Journey Sway and give us your feedback.


SDeming Face  Steve