Encourage your customers to upgrade to Windows 10 before this offer expires.

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Jeff Stoffel



I’ve been asked by partners several times recently what options our customers will have if they miss the free upgrade to Windows 10.  This is telling me that we still have many customers that have not yet upgraded their operating systems to Windows 10.  Now is the time in order to take advantage of the upgrade for free offer as the offer expires on July 29th!

Take advantage of our best Windows ever, and upgrade for free before July 29. Here are just some of the Windows 10 benefits that users will enjoy, and key resources to help you present Windows 10 to your customers:

  • Save time with a more mobile experience
  • Stay protected with transparent privacy that puts you in control
  • Be connected using features that enable natural interaction

Call to action: Encourage your customers to upgrade now before this offer expires later this week.