Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) click-through demos


Tim Tetrick


In a recent blog post, Microsoft demo tools and hands-on experiences for partners, I talked about the various demo tools that partners have available to them.  These tools include the ability to deliver live demonstrations and hands-on experiences of Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) from both the IT professional and end user perspective.  These tools are great, but do require a bit of investment in provisioning the tenants, getting the environments set up, etc.  For those times when you’d just like a quick and easy way to show off the capabilities of EMS without all that work, we have a set of click-through demos that have recently been made available to partners.

These EMS click-through demo resources provide a great option for partners to leverage for demonstrating some of the capabilities of EMS without having to install and setup the various EMS demo environments.  They can be a great tool for your sales people, or anyone in your organization, that would like to show off EMS but doesn’t have the time and/or expertise to leverage the full environment.

The available click-through demos can be found below.  Just click the link, sign in with a Microsoft account (Live ID) that is associated with your organization’s MPN ID, run the executable contained within the ZIP file, and follow the prompts. 


Click-through demo resources

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