Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) – Other Half of Yesterday’s Cloud Agenda


Josh Condie – In follow-up to Kathleen’s post earlier, the other half of yesterday’s Cloud announcement was focused on controlling and securing the mobile devices and platforms that Microsoft is now broadly building for.


Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) was detailed in the second half of Satya’s presentation.  EMS is a comprehensive cloud solution to address consumerization of IT, BYOD, and SaaS challenges for the SMB IT. The EMS will be the most complete platform for organizations to embrace these mobility and cloud trends.  The suite is the most cost effective way to acquire all of the included cloud services:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium,
  • Windows Intune,
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management, etc. 

The capabilities packaged in the EMS are a giant step beyond simple MDM. The EMS is a people-first approach to identity, devices, apps, and data – and it allows you to actively build upon what you already have in place while proactively empowering your workforce well into the future. The EMS has three key elements:

  1. Identity and access management delivered by Azure Active Directory Premium
  2. MDM and MAM delivered by Windows Intune, and
  3. Data Protection delivered by Azure AD Rights Management Services

Identity and Access Management through Azure is a big one.  Currently we have over one thousand SAAS vendor solutions in our catalogue.  Trialing Azure now is a great way to learn more (www.windowsazure.com).  You can then peruse this catalogue to see how fast this powerful capability is growing:

Microsoft has also created an InfoPortal here:  http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/products/enterprise-mobility-suite/

Pricing has also been announced: