Excellent Partner Sales and Licensing On Demand Webcasts

imageThere are some great resources to help you improve your sales and readiness for your business.  Especially if you are looking to get into EMS or Dynamics, these are must watch!  You can read about all of them here: 

Rev up your sales with our on-demand partner sales webcasts 

Here are the Top 10 list of Sales and Licensing Excellence webcasts

  1. Making Money with Microsoft Cloud – Insights from a Microsoft Reseller (Level 100)
  2. Dynamics ERP on Azure and how to get started (Level 100)
  3. Driving a strategic discussion with your customer around the Microsoft Cloud for Business (Level 200)
  4. Uncovering and Closing Microsoft Azure Opportunities (Level 100/200)
  5. Trust and Transparency in a Cloud First World (Level 100)
  6. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) (Level 100)
  7. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement – MPSA (Level 100)
  8. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement – MPSA (Level 200)
  9. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement – MPSA (Level 300)
  10. Microsoft Azure for Government (Level 100/200)



Matt Hester
Sr. Partner Technology Strategist