Expand your Customer Reach with Microsoft Led Events

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Jeff Stoffel

In the last few weeks I have been asked to participate in a number of customer facing events.  As much as I’d like to join in on every event I simply can’t participate in them all.  I believe this is a situation we all face – not enough time in the day to accomplish everything we would to do. 

For this reason I would like to highlight a valuable tool available to partners that can help you do move events with less effort - Microsoft Led Events on RTG*.  This free service allows you to syndicate in-person, live webcast, and on-demand event content presented by Microsoft and adds value to your business in several key ways:  

Microsoft Led

  • Time and money savings. Have more time to focus on nurturing your customers since this service alleviates the burden of content creation.
  • Ability to do more events. Participate in multiple events with minimal effort and have 24/7 access to track and manage your registrants.
  • Free lead qualification. Opt in for this service and Microsoft agents will call your registrants on your behalf and send back the qualified leads through our lead management system, C2PC.

Get started by selecting an event and creating your own co-branded registration page. Then, invite your customers to register. After the event, follow up with your guests with the help of our optional, free lead qualification service.


*What is Microsoft Ready-to-Go Marketing (RTG)?Microsoft Ready-to-Go Marketing (RTG) is an online marketing toolbox packed with ready-to-use tools, from customizable digital templates to syndicated web content, event-planning tools, and more, to help you attract customers and grow your business.