Has your Intune account been migrated?

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Partners! As you may know, the Microsoft Intune portal was designed with Silverlight technology. As this is being retired, you should be aware of the management of Intune is being moved to the Azure Administration Portal. This is a great move as it will be consolidated in one main portal allowing you to get accustomed to how the portal works and expose the customer to the Azure Portal, thus perhaps influencing new conversations about what the other Azure workloads can be available! 

Regarding this move, I found this post that has some helpful info… titled How to Tell if Your Intune Account Has Been Migrated, it shows and describes how you will know when/if this move has occurred. Here is some info from that post that is the biggest tell that the move has occurred:

When you first open the Silverlight Intune console at http://manage.microsoft.com after migrating, you should see the informational message below that says "Preview the new Intune portal in Azure", and if you click Azure, it will take you to http://portal.azure.com. That's your first clue.

If you missed that, you can be 100% sure you've migrated if you try to create a new group in the old console and you can't!

There are more details and links to further information at the post…  How to Tell if Your Intune Account Has Been Migrated

Thanks! And good selling!