Have you used your Partner Advisory Hours to get up to speed on Azure?


Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

Cloud Partners,

Did you know that with your Microsoft partnership comes Partner Advisory Hours benefits that can assist you with building out your Azure practice?  Just call 800-MPNSOLVE, give them your Partner ID and you will be directed to a subject matter expert that will provide technical guidance on your area of need. 

If your need to ramp up your technical team on Azure, then there are a couple fantastic packaged offerings being provided by the Partner Technical Services team (the team you get when you use your Advisory Hours):

  • Practice Accelerator for Data Center Infrastructure and management – 5 Advisory Hours (approx. 8 hour time commit)
    Description:  A technical specialist will cover best practices, reference architectures and resources around setting up your Hybrid Cloud on Windows 2012, Hyper-V and Azure.  For more information, see the course outline:  https://partner.microsoft.com/download/40196521
  • Labs on Azure – 5 Advisory Hours (approx. 2 hour time commit plus lab time)
    Description: Learn how to save time and money, and create efficiency with virtual machines for labs, development, test, and demo scenarios.  Learn how to create and manage VMs and how to move VMs between your on-premises system and Azure. Learn how to utilize scripting via PowerShell to make VM management easy and efficient.  For more information, see the following:

If you’re not sure how many Advisory Hours your organization currently has, you can find out by calling 800-MPNSOLVE or login to MPN profile: https://mspartner.microsoft.com/en/us/Pages/Membership/my-membership.aspx

Action Pack Partners get 5 advisory hours a year, Silver Partners get 20 and Gold Partners get 50.

A lot of partners NEVER use their advisory hours and let them expire, so don’t hesitate to call and take advantage of these fantastic offerings as soon as you can!

Good Luck,