How do I configure my security system with an Azure VPN?


Tim Tetrick


When setting up a hybrid cloud scenario with Azure, do you get stuck trying to configure your security system with an Azure VPN?  This is one of the most common Azure Support scenarios that we get.  I wanted to share with you this recommended approach with step-by-step guidance to help you plan and configure your specific security appliance. 


Step 1: Plan and design your VPN connection

There are two VPN types:

  • Policy-based (previously called static routing gateways)
  • Route-based (previously called dynamic routing gateway)


Step 2: Configure your site-to-site VPN connection

Visit the general how to guide for creating site-to-site VPN connections through the Azure Portal


Step 3: Review guides for specific appliances

Find detailed step-by-step configuration processes here:


For more information, visit the Azure documentation About VPN Gateway.