I sold Office 365 E5 with PSTN conferencing, now how do I turn it on?



With the release of Office 365 E5 and Skype for Business PSTN services in December there has been a lot of excitement and interest.  There is also a lot of new info to navigate.   Tomorrow marks the availability of PSTN services through the channel via our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

If you recall, when we released the product in December through the channel  (CSP) it was without PSTN Conferencing and lacked the ability to add PSTN Calling.   With that limitation going away tomorrow, I wanted to make certain you all knew the appropriate steps to configure PSTN Conferencing on Office 365 E5 tenants or those that add the service to other Office 365 plans.

The process is fairly straight forward.  The best walk through I have seen is Matt Soseman’s blog post on TechNet, How To Enable Cloud PSTN Conferencing in Office365 in Skype for Business Online .  He takes you step by step through the Skype for Business node on the Office 365 Admin center first assigning a Bridge number to a user and testing it out!

If you have additional questions on Office 365 E5/ Skype for Business Online Dial-in Conferencing, the best place to start is the comprehensive FAQ on Microsoft’s Support Site.  In addition detailing the most common questions, the FAQ also contrasts our PSTN Conferencing offering with 3rd party offerings already available (and that can still be used).

The FAQ is great level set to prepare you for questions your customers are bound to ask in conversations you will have in the future.  I recommend giving it a once over before your next sales call on Office 365 and please distribute it to your cloud selling teams so they have it handy should that questions arise.

Lastly please check out the other blog posts on the TS2 blog that discuss Office 365 E5 and Skype for Business Online w/ PSTN Calling and Conferencing.

Happy Selling!



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